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Sources who were at a Beverly Hills party with Richardson-born, ex-Prison Break star Lane Garrison last Saturday night say he took “several shots” of Grey Goose vodka before getting behind the wheel of his SUV and crashing it into a tree, killing one 17-year-old boy and injuring two 15-year-old girls. Several witnesses claim Garrison, 26, had met the teenagers at a gas station earlier that night and accompanied them to the party. He provided the bottle of Grey Goose for the underage partygoers and was on his way to get more alcohol when the accident occurred.

That’s quite a different story than the one Garrison’s recently hired, high-powered defense attorney, Harland Braun, has been spouting. He claims Garrison had one drink at the party and a margarita earlier that evening, and that it was a problem with the car’s alignment–not alcohol intoxication–that led to the wreck. Police are awaiting the results from a hospital-administered toxicology test.

Longtime friend Jessica Simpson, whose family took Garrison in when he was a troubled teen, released a statement through her rep, saying she “loves him and wishes him well during this difficult time.”