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It was a good show last night. The Chicks entered to “Hail to the Chief,” and since this was the last tour stop, I thought Natalie Maines might get fiesty. She kinda did. She made a joke about Britney Spears’ crotch, but left politics alone, referring to the band’s past troubles only as “the incident.” They are amazing musicians, as the Morning News attests. But the crowd was sparse. I saw a block of empty seats as close as the fourth row. I wondered how many people like me went for free, the band’s desperate attempt to fill the arena.

Update: A co-working FBvian went to the show, too:

There were empty seats around me too. I originally bought 4 when the concert was set for October, then sold 2 back. Those two were never resold. And they made the Britney reference the night before in Austin. [Ed note: here is the joke’s premise. The joke itself wasn’t so great.] They were also late arriving in Austin and apologized to them for coming on at 8:50.

Last night, they were late, too. Party didn’t start till after 9. No apology though.