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If you, like me, are sitting at your desk, waiting for the Christmas holiday break to begin, getting hassled by Paul Kix, who is sitting on your couch, talking loudly on his cell phone to Jim Schutze, then here’s a way for you to kill time. Look at these strange search terms that brought people to FrontBurner this month:

tammy dombeck pictures (20)
tammy dombeck photos (9)
sexy canadian ashleigh (7)
texas monthly 63 tacos (7)
mckinney cheerleaders condoms (6)
potty training (6)
alexa conomos pregnant (5)
butt massage (4)
ickey twerp (4)
macie jepson pictures (3)
meretriculous (2)
what is a front burner (2)
rick perry gay front burner (2)
mckinney naughty cheerleaders (2)
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is alexa conomos pregnant (2)
obnoxious christmas sweaters (2)
amber campisi breast real (2)
great great great great grandma pulled one of them studs up outta the barn (2)
mattie roberts the okie (1)
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zac crain mayor (1)
little jewford (1)
metal cutouts javelina rifle target (1)