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Just what the hell is going on over on Ross Avenue? Comes this morning news that DISD’s newly hired director of the Office of District Integrity is a liar. After one week on the job, he was forced to quit when a News reporter, acting on a tip, asked the guy whether he was really a CPA, as he claimed on his resume. Turns out David Fryar wasn’t.

The thing is, this shouldn’t have been such a big deal. Fryar used to be a CPA. Then the designation was revoked when he failed complete some extra training. Fine. He didn’t need to be a CPA to direct the Office of Integrity. And for all we know, he was eminently qualified to do it. Well, except for the whole lying thing and the lack of integrity.

We wrote in September that Michael Hinojosa’s handling of problems in the district impressed us. Every time one raised its ugly head, he cut if off. But this problem was his own creation. And one has to wonder how long before his blade begins to dull.