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I’m sure ya’ll already know that Saturday kicked off this year’s Audubon Christmas Bird Count, the oldest and largest citizen science event in the world. For over a hundred years, people have gathered together during the winter holiday season to count birds. Tra la! I didn’t find any French hens, turtle doves, or partridges hiding in pear trees, but I found some very interesting species. The following birds will be filed in the Anderson County report:

120 Turkey Vultures (vulturing)
8 Black-capped chickadees (residents)
40 Black vultures
30 Yellow-rumped warblers
3 Eastern Bluebirds (residents: Bill, Hill, and Chel)
10 Ruby-crowned kinglets
1 French bottleus Pinotus Noirus
2 Great blue herons
4 Northern flickers (flickering)
2 Northern cardinals (residents: Sid and Nancy)
2 Blue jays (residents: George and Martha)
4 Excedrinus P-merus
2 Carolina wrens
17 American crows
8 White-throated sparrows
10 Pine warblers
1 Pileated woodpecker
2 Red-bellied woodpecker
1 Female cock sucker (just checking to see if you’re still with me)
2 Downy woodpeckers
2 Red-shouldered hawks
2 Red-tailed hawks
8 Tufted titmouses
2 White-breasted nuthatches
4 Dark-eyed juncos
1 Brown thrasher (thrashing)
1 Belted kingfisher
1 Belted birdwatcher (the rare, Pink-breasted flufftail)
2 Eastern phoebes
10 Heinz 57, predominately Mallard ducks.This is East Texas.