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A concerned and confused FrontBurnervian by news developments elsewhere in Texas:

Good effort on the blind hunter joke, but while you make merry there is so far no commentary on FB about the government’s raids on undocumented workers in Cactus, Texas yesterday. Local ties: lawsuit by plaintiffs represented by Domingo Garcia, which may have helped prompt the investigation; DMN article about undocumented workers in Cactus that may have raised pressure on the government to act; and local ownership (partly by Tom Hicks’ former firm) of Swift, the employer whose (allegedly undocumented) workers were detained.

Please tell me what I should think about all this. Would the raids have occurred absent Mr. Domingo’s lawsuit and the DMN article? Is this good for the rule of law or bad for business and meat-eaters? Am I outraged or pleased? Where is new Trey?

I yield the floor.