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The latest issue of Texas Monthly trumpets the “63 Tacos You Must Eat Before You Die,” by foodie Patricia Sharpe. According to Pat, the best tortilla-hugging meal in the state is the Picadillo at Fuel City on South Industrial in Dallas. As a service to FB Nation, former Chile Pepper editor Eric O’Keefe and I went at lunch to check the place out. Our report follows:

First of all, you need to understand that Fuel City is not a restaurant, it is a huge gas station. As in for semi-trailer trucks and other large vehicles. The taco stand, such as it is, is nothing more than a walk-up window with a 10’x9′ kitchen behind it.

The “menu” has five choices of tacos: picadillo (seasoned hamburger), barbacoa (spicy beef), chicken fajita, beef fajita, and pastor (mild shredded beef). All come in your choice of either white corn or flour tortilla. Each taco runs $1.25 and is served with two salsas and a lime wedge.

The picadillo definitely packs a punch. A flavor explosion. But the “Best in Texas”? We think that’s a stretch. The tangy, moist barbacoa comes in second. And frankly, the whole experience is somewhat dulled by the fact that there is no place to sit, so you must eat in the car (potential for messy accident: HIGH), or stand out on this patio thing next to a fake pool while greasy truckers saunter past in search of a restroom. Not exactly great atmosphere.

So, if you just made bail (or your girlfriend works nearby Irving Blvd) and you’re in the neighborhood, hit Fuel City for a great, cheap snack. Like many other services in the area, it’s open 24 hours and you never have to leave your car.