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By reid |

A buddy of mine told me he was “laying off the Cokes” for awhile as part of his new fitness regimen. He confessed that he drank “at least 3 Big Gulps of Dr. Pepper every day.” I thought that was an insane amount of cola (192 ounces, or 16 12-ounce servings a day), but it’s really not. Americans lead the world in soft drink consumption, with an average of 87.2 gallons per year. That comes out to 930 12-ounce soft drinks each year, or about 2.5 each day. (Mexico is second, with 77.5 gallons per year.) In fact, we drink cola almost five times as much as bottled water – only 18.9 gallons each year. By the way, at 150 calories each, those 930 Cokes equal 139,500 calories (or 39 pounds) per year. Oh, waiter … make that Pepsi a Perrier!