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By Tim Rogers |

EuchMir03.JPGThe photo you see here is supposedly proof of a miracle that happened at St. James Catholic Church in South Dallas. Transubstantiation much? Read on:

Here is the account from Angela Amaya Neywick, who has sent out an e-mail about what supposedly happened:

I was contacted yesterday by a friend that told me of this miracle. So this morning (03-21-06) my daughter and I, along with another friend and her daughter drove to St James Catholic Church on Saner Road in South Dallas to witness this miracle for ourselves. There was only a hand full of people there when we arrived, so we did not have to wait long to get up and close to view the body and blood of Christ on display. I myself could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. I feel in my heart that the miracle is true. But we must wait on the church’s investigation to confirm that it is what the Pastor says it is. He believes it to be true too.

The story goes that about a month ago a little boy consumed the host but did not swallow it completely for whatever reason and threw it back up. Since it did not fall on the floor initially the Pastor did not consume it immediately. I was told that once the host has been put into someone’s mouth and then if it comes back up, it is to be put in a glass container with water so that it will dissolve and then they dispose of it after it has dissolved. It was then put in a cabinet and forgotten about until this past Sunday, March 19, 2006. The Pastor discovered that it was still in there but had not dissolved yet and so he put a little bit more water in the container so that it would dissolve. When he did so, right before his eyes and other witnesses in the room, the host turned to flesh and began bleeding. This is all I know at this point as told by one of the parish employees of St James Catholic Church.

We were there almost an hour before the priest came and took the host to the Catholic Diocese of Dallas for investigation. It left St James Catholic Church shortly after 11:00 a.m. So if you were planning on seeing it, the host is no longer there. My thinking is it will only return back to the parish once it has been authenticated. Lord only knows how long that will take. I have attached photos that I took this morning with my camera. It looks like a blood clot with bloody veins coming out of it. The water is a little bit cloudy but not bloody, so to me the host or flesh is intact. Gives me Holy Ghost bumps just thinking about it! It is very moving to see this. Please pray for the truth to be known and for the conversion of souls.

The church opens in about 10 minutes. I’ll call to see what’s what. Developing.

Update: Indeed. The phone answerer at St. Pat’s confirms that the Diocese is investigating the situtation. The phone answerer then said St. Pat’s prefers not to say any more at this point. An alert FBvian, though, points us to a story on same by our good friends at Channel 11.