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Like a dog with his jaw firmly clamped on City Hall’s pants leg, Jim Schutze this week digs into the mysterious background of D’Angelo Lee, the City Plan Commission member at the center of the corruption scandal. He then reminds us of why corruption is endemic in Dallas’ dysfunctional city government:

Did I remember to thank Elaine Agather of the Dallas Citizens Council and former council members Alan Walne and Max Wells for their help in the recent defeat at the polls of the only shot at meaningful reform this city will ever see for the next 10 to 20 years? Yes, I think I did. I think I thanked them last week, but I can never repeat it enough.

When you think FBI raid at City Hall, think Elaine Agather. When you think D’Angelo Lee, think Elaine Agather.

Ms. Agather’s real job is at JP Morgan Chase, which seems to have its own problems with making good decisions.