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A news-anchoring FrontBurnervian responds:

As long as Tim continues to sing the praises of Alexa Conomos and ASSUMES Channel 8 has the goods first, then what choice do we have but to cultivate friendlier sources for our blog reports? Heck, you guys still haven’t done much with Hansen stealing our video of Kenny Rogers pummeling the Ch 4 photographer. And on that very day, Tim gave 8 credit for breaking the story! I’m just saying.

Also, on our 10 pm newscast tonight, still more exclusive information on the FBI investigation at Dallas city hall. I’m sure the DMN will pick it up without crediting us… and then it’ll be on 8 where Brett Shipp will repackage it, claim he broke it, and submit it as another example of their fine investigative work. But we will know the truth, won’t we, Adam?

And [Tracy Rowlett] was most assuredly wearing pants last night, but no shoes.

Film at eleven 10 pm.