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Great reporting, Brian. I think you captured the sense of conflict many black clergy feel on a daily basis. Maybe they got the necessary signatures, maybe they didn’t, but at least they stood up and tried to put a positive, hopeful spin on the matter. In fact, one lesson to be learned from this episode is that, unlike some of their political counterparts, these South Dallas preachers are not opportunists and idealogues, but rather men who are sincerely troubled by what they see going on in this city. One of the best weddings I ever attended was when a friend of mine got married at Mount Tabor and Rev. S. C. Nash presided. Rev. Nash gave one of the best messages about dealing with husband/wife conflict I’ve ever heard. The man knows his Bible, and his congregation. I just hope this mini-sermon about Dallas “coming together” was received by our bothers and sisters at City Hall.