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Keven Willey continues to improve her editorial board. Her latest hire is Macarena Hernandez, who not only has a wonderful name but who is also apparently quite a capable woman. She comes from the San Antonio Express-News. Here’s the announcement that was sent around to their staffers:

Despite our best efforts to keep her, Macarena Hernandez is leaving the E-N to go work for the Dallas Morning News. Her last day with us is Aug. 5, but we hope to bring her in from the Valley bureau for a farewell cake in the newsroom before then. Macarena joined the E-N a little more than four years ago as a GA reporter in Metro, and particularly distinguished herself with the first in-depth interview with Dr. Al-Hazmi, the S.A. doctor who was taken into custody in the wake of 9/11, when he was finally released. She joined the State Desk as the Valley correspondent in 2002, and took a one-year leave in ’04 to write about her family, a 16-page special project that ran in December. And, of course, no telling of the Macarena story would be complete without mentioning the national attention she brought to the E-N when she caught Jayson Blair of the New York Times plagiarizing one of her stories. Her fiery interviews on Blair and the damage he did to our industry made Macarena a multimedia sensation — on TV and radio, in print and in personal appearances on panels. Now she’ll join the DMN editorial board, writing editorials and a weekly column. Big D will never be the same. We wish her the best of luck!

Sounds like she brings a lot to the table and will add things to the DMN’s hopper.