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For Those Who Care:

230,613 pageviews
89,966 visits
26,632 approximate unique visitors

Compared to April, the last month for which stats are available (because of the crash):
171,632 pageviews
79,834 visits
30,475 approximate unique visitors

Conclusion: a smaller number of people are becoming more addicted to FB.

Most popular posts (judging from the number of people who came to site directly through these posts, rather than through the front door):
1. Ken Hill goes berserk.
2. Sarah Dodd is “priceless.”
3. Jody Dean talks about his issues with KLUV.

Top search strings that brought people to FrontBurner (NB: “amber campisi” accounted for 487 hits, while June brought us a total of 930,052 hits):
1. front burner
2. amber campisi
3. frontburner
4. d frontburner
5. tammy dombeck
6. nobu dallas
7. alexa conomos
8. frontburner dallas
9. d magazine front burner
10. adios mofo
11. amber campisi pics
12. corrie loftin
13. angie barrett
14. d magazine blog
15. hillary swank
16. scott sams
17. jessica simpson washing car
18. playboy playmate
19. playmate 2005
20. hawaiian tropic girls