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David Frum thinks she might be the next Sandra Day O’Connor. Big minus for her in my book: no judicial experience. Here’s his take:

JUL. 4, 2005: DARK HORSE …
… in the Supreme Court sweepstakes: Keep an eye on Harriet Miers, White House counsel. Miers was the first woman president of the Texas Bar Association, a co-managing partner of a 400-lawyer firm in Texas, a one-time Dallas city councilor, and by the by, the personal lawyer to one George W. Bush. She joined his staff as governor, served as staff secretary (Richard Darman’s old job) in the first administration, and now oversees the White House’s legal work. She is quiet, discreet, intensely loyal to Bush personally, and – though not ideologically conservative – nonetheless firmly pro-life. Plus she’s a woman. Double plus – she’d be a huge surprise, and the president loves springing surprises on Washington and those pundits who think they know it all.

There are minuses too of course, beginning with that same discretion that recommended Miers as counsel: Supreme Court justices are often expected to have achieved a certain public profile before their appointment, while Miers has gone out of her way to avoid it.

But if the nomination process bogs down – or if President Bush’s first choice of nominee should somehow stall or fail – then Miers might well be his back-up nominee. Scoff if you like. But if it happens, please remember that you read it here first.