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A long-suffering FBvian says:

You guys are acting worse than those KERA people during one of their interminable fund drives. I fully expect you to develop a new logo and start calling yourselves “Magazine and Blog Unlimited.” Get back to work or get lives of your own. It’s a blog, for God’s sake, not a mission.

A few things worth noting: 1) traffic was robust yesterday. 2) This was only the second negative note we’ve gotten about “Save FrontBurner.” 3) If you people hit the 30-donation mark today, Adam will post that horrible picture, and we’ll quit with the solicitations until tomorrow.

Tell you what: I’ll sweeten the pot. If we hit 30 donations today, I’ll post a Last Hurrah column of mine that Wick spiked this month because it was too ithyphallic for the pages of D Magazine.