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The grand jury no-billed the Diocese of Dallas, and as one who called for the DA to investigate I have two reactions: the first is appreciation for the DA’s willingness to plunge into murky seas to make sure Dallas children are no longer being exploited, and the second is relief that there’s no visible dirt hidden under the carpet. I think it’s time for me and other Catholic critics of the Diocese to give the Bishop and Chancellor Mary Edlund credit for facing up to reality and taking action where it’s needed. While I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we’ve finally seen the end, the history of this Bishop’s reign is that every 8 to 10 months something blows up somewhere. The defense attorney for child porn devotee Rev. Matt Bagert didn’t exactly lift my confidence when he said:

“There’s just a lot of rot,” he said. “I don’t know if there’s anyone interested, outside the Catholic faithful, in cleaning it up.”

That’s from a defense attorney, mind you. So we’ll keep watching…and praying.