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Briana From Upstairs (aka Turtle Creek People) has the scoop:

The crew is from Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, to be exact. As a part of a celebrity wedding special that’ll air later in the summer, they picked one real-life bride to follow around a few days before her wedding and on the big day. A Dallas gal won the national contest, naturally, and the filming began yesterday at the Mansion. Her whole bridal entourage is at the salon right now drinking white wine and getting the royal beauty treatment from a celebrity hairstylist. The wedding is tomorrow at United Methodist.

I’m headed back down there in a few (after this nasty rain lets up) to do a few more interviews. Woo hoo! We got some shots this afternoon too of the film crew and the bride, so for “an exclusive in-depth report,” as they say on ET, tune in to TCP next week for “full coverage.” I just wanted an excuse to say “full coverage” and “in depth report.”

I’ll keep you posted if anything else interesting happens…

Wow. Newspaper reporters are fancy.