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First, a word to the gentleman who left an envelope filled with cash at the front desk: we thank you, kind sir. Yours will be an off-the-books transaction. Every cent will be spent on beer this evening for the FB staff. Here are some other folks who deserve props:

Brad Donnelly, Travis Galt, Mike Mason, Kendall Pillsbury, Albert Hernandez, Brian Oberkirch, Laura Kostelny, Chip Mahaney, Hunter Hauk, Kathleen Harrington, Monica Hite, Wendy Kyle, Anthony Burkhart

We’re still short of the magic number of donors for that embarrassing photo of yrs trly (though, I’ll tell you, I was not “handling up on myself”). Plus, don’t forget, I’ll also post the column that Wick spiked this month. Hit that “Save FrontBurner” button if want to read about foot fetishism.