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I can explain that, easy. Mel had a girlfriend, Dallas-gal Julie Cypher. One night she catches Julie doing the wild thing with another famous chick singer. Coincidentally, I’d just busted my husband, who booked Mel’s concert tours, on a similar offense. Both pissed, Mel and I leave LA and head to Aspen to chill out. She is mad, sad, burning alive. We decide to write a song. I pop a bottle of Cristal, she brings out the 12-string, closes her teary eyes and sings, “Somebody bring me some Champagne,” as I walk across the room. I said, “You know, I think if you were really burning alive mad, you’d probably just want a glass of water. Firefighters don’t spray Cristal all over burning buildings. This song has to appeal to a wide audience, you know, everyone who’s been cheated on.” She thought about it a second. The rest is music history.