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An alert FBvian has found a hidden message to FrontBurner in a WSJ article (sub. req.) about wineries in airports:

[W]e called winery or airport honchos in New York, Missouri and Washington, all of which have large wine industries, and asked if they were considering doing anything similar. In each case, they told us that they’d bounced this around in the past and, now that we mentioned it, would be bringing the idea back to the front burner. They might want to take a trip to Charlotte for some inspiration. “Winegrowing is something that’s really taking off in North Carolina and we always have an interest in first promoting ourselves and what this part of this country is about. Tasting local wines has become one of the things to do while you’re here,” says Jerry Orr, aviation director at the Charlotte airport. “The response has been really, really good.” You don’t need much space, either. The wine bar at the Dallas airport incorporated an unused closet. The Yadkin Valley wine bar is only 600 square feet.