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Will Jody Dean in fact take over for Ron Chapman at KLUV? Are these really just rumors circulating on various blogs? And what would Jody do if he didn’t take the job? All questions are answered (sort of):

ME: Okay, Jody, what’s your official response to Brian Purdy’s official statement?

JODY: It’s not gossip. The place is going through some changes. The guy who asked me to come over is no longer in management at KLUV. He’s at Jack and Sunny. So who’s in charge? Is it the local GM, the regional program director? Up until recently, it was Ron Chapman and David Henry, the GM. Now it’s changed. I’m watching to see if I can take people at their word, if I can trust them. There have been a lot of changes–some good, some that I’m excited about. But with that comes uncertainty.

ME: It sounds like you’re just talking about personnel changes, nothing major. These don’t sound like substantive issues that would keep you from working at KLUV.

JODY: To me, trust is a serious, substantive issue. I’m fine as long as I can surround myself with people I trust. We’re in a new phase now. I’m having to build new relationships. Purdy is a great guy, and I think we can work together. We’re building a relationship now. But I’m watching him. And he’s watching me. And I’m watching people above him.

ME: Alright, so what are the odds that, come June 27, you’re going to have your show on KLUV? The Vegas bookmakers need to set the odds.

JODY: [makes noise like horse, indicating difficulty of setting odds] Let’s just say the Lord willing. If that is the place where I can honor my faith, my God, and my co-workers, then the odds are 100 percent. At the same time, if I need to start a tree service and a part-time ministry, then that’s what I’ll do.