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While Tim and Nancy are having a lover’s quarrel and the rest of us are sitting at our desks contemplating our own little dramas, a group of Dallasites from Highland Park Presbyterian Church are in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia today hoping they live to see tomorrow. The group went over on a mission trip to help children with AIDS, who are scorned and pretty much left to die. They were holding babies and playing games with the African kids yesterday when all hell broke loose – a student-led riot against a corrupt government seemingly bent on overturning the results from a recent “free” election. The Dallasites scurried into a nearby compound as government troops fired on the protesters, killing at least 22. The city is now in total lockdown, and the missionaries are laying low inside the compound with a group of kids that have about a 50/50 chance of seeing their 18th birthdays.

Now, what were you all talking about?