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I would like to apologize to my 10-year-old son, whom I recently accused of being “The World’s Master at Finger-Pointing.” As of today, there are at least 350 people much worse than he.

The Texas State Legislature has failed so utterly and completely that it is unthinkable that any of them could be re-elected. Now of course, they are all returning to their districts saying exactly the same thing as Dan Branch: “I can’t tell you how angry I am,” said Rep. Dan Branch, R-Dallas. “My constituents were expecting school finance reform, property tax reform and Robin Hood reform — and we couldn’t deliver on any of it.” Okay, so what now? What do we do for the next two years? They were sent there to fix school finance, and they managed to pass 4,000 different bills but not school finance. Let the outrage pour forth.