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FROM A FORTUNE 100 AVIATION FIRM VILLA SUITE — After behaving like 18-year-olds at the bar and doing tequila shots (which drew looks of consternation from the other folks in line in the suite), we headed out in search of Tiger. Of course, we were a bit distracted by all the free goodies that lay in our path. I now have one very sweet, leather fanny pack, courtesy of Cadillac. We also got some free sunblock. I don’t know who that was courtesy of.

We finally headed out to the Cottonwood Valley Course — as everyone knows, the easier of the two courses — in search of Tiger and his playing mates who are other golfers. We found them on Hole 10, and as luck would have it, his drive was far right in the thick stuff. We were able to stand right next to him as he hit his approach on 10, which was a thing of beauty. Even better, on Hole 11, he once again sprayed it right into the trees and we were able to stand about three feet from Tiger as he hit one of the most amazing shots I’ve ever seen.

My observations about Tiger: he’s bigger than you think he is, he has very nice pants, and oddly, he has metal cleats on his golf spikes.

In my left pocket is the divot from the shot he took on Hole 10. In my right pocket is the divot he made on Hole 11. Frontburnvians can expect photos of same on Monday or sooner.

Further updates as events warrant.