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A kafir FrontBurnervian says:

This ranch-up rhetoric has to go. I shy away from the magazine because I know I’m very likely to stumble upon such phrases as “see and be seen,” “work hard, play hard,” “people watching” and “whatever happens in [someplace], stays in [someplace].” I gag a little whenever I read these words.

I, however, like FrontBurner. I check it daily in Cairo because it’s relaxing and helps reduce the homesickness. Interesting and funny stuff when Wick’s not playing the generic Republican. The ranch-up thing, however, is obnoxious. The idea of singles’ hour for people who read FrontBurner is a good idea. The idea of people going somewhere and yelling out that they read FrontBurner, however, is not.

PS – If you refer to me as a FrontBurnervian, I’ll toilet paper your office when I’m home for a month in June before heading to a reporting job (and poverty) in the Czech Republic.