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Ladies, I’m not going to be able to fit you all in today, but I’ll try. Here’s a suggestion from a sassy FBF:

Wedged somewhere between the sorority slush and the mid-life madam, is a slew of sexy singles in their late twenties/early-thirties who aren’t having much luck either. Singles who spent their money on brains, not boobs. Bonds, not Botox. Maybe we should host a Frontburner Singles Gala, no dates allowed. I would love to Ranch Up! with a fellow single Frontburnvian. Surely you guys have some decent guys in you audience…bring ’em on!

Mid-life madam? I won’t take that personally, but she brings up a great reason to bring out the Hooch Juice and Ranch Up! all the men who read FB. Can we make money too?