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One FrontBurnervian passes along WFAA’s footage (perhaps you’ll have better luck than I in getting it to work). Another shares this harrowing tale:

I came upon the above mentioned truck shortly after its accident and subsequent fire on I-45. School is out in Plano, so my son was riding with me to see a client near Ennis. I had seen the smoke for about 20 minutes or so going south until we came upon it. I could see the smoke occasionally puff vertically into a 40 MPH east wind, a really bad sign when fire is involved, so I was resigned to a lengthy delay or detour. But, the traffic on I-45 was NOT stopped southbound (slow, of course) or northbound. There didn’t seem to be much concern at the time, since there were policemen strolling around taking pictures of the fire, and my son even pointed out that there were people jogging along the highway while we passed. It took him a few minutes to grasp the fact that the “joggers” were running away from the explosions. Thankfully, the authorities had closed the highways when we returned after about an hour. Duh.

You know who’s on top of this story? Tony Hartzel is on top of it. Natch.