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Candy Marcum was a City Council candidate who didn’t get as many votes as she’d hoped to. So she endorsed Kathy Ingle in the runoff for District 14. Then she withdrew her endorsement.

Flip flop! Flip flop!

Hang on, though. Marcum had good reason. Apparently Ingle is a bit confused as to where she stands on GLBT issues (“GLBT,” I think, stands for “gay, lesbian, bipolar, and Transylvanian”). Here’s Marcum’s letter explaining the whole thing:

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Supporters,

As some of you are aware, there have been a flurry of e-mails having to do with the runoff race for Dallas City Council District 14 and my endorsement of Kathy Ingle. I thought for the sake of open, honest and clear communication, I would write to you about the series of events leading up to the withdrawal of my endorsement of Kathy Ingle’s candidacy.

The week after the election, I met with Kathy Ingle and went over the issues that were important to me in order to support her candidacy. These mainly had to do with her stance on GLBT issues. She assured me that she was a person who would not only support the non-discrimination ordinances currently in place in Dallas, but would also advocate for shoring up a loop hole in the housing ordinance. Never in that discussion was it revealed how she had voted on the DART non-discrimination policy 10 years ago.

When it came to my attention Monday, May 16th at 10:00pm by a good friend that Kathy had voted against including sexual orientation in DART’s non- discrimination policy, I immediately made the decision to withdraw my endorsement for her candidacy for City Council. As you know, my life’s work has been about fighting and advocating for equality for the GLBT community. I cannot and will not support someone who in any way deters my community from that goal.

So, dear friends, many of you have contacted me asking for clarification about this flurry of contradicting e-mails. I hope this helps with your confusion. At this time, I am not endorsing anyone for City Council District 14. My favorite candidate did not make the runoff! I am now in a neutral position where it comes to endorsing.

I encourage those of you who live in District 14 to vote for the candidate of your choice. Early voting has started today and Election Day is Saturday, June 4th.

Again, thank you for all your support and love. As generous as you have been with me, let me tell you I feel that 10 times more back to you!!

Love and kisses… Candy