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From the Idle Rich hottie who came up with the idea for a FrontBurner Singletons’ Happy Hour:

Since it was my brilliant idea, I feel I’ve been robbed of a good ranching up by a screwdriver-fueled dude, but then again, he was two hours late and needed liquid courage before he could admit he reads FrontBurner. Probably not the guy for me in the end. We waited around a long while but nary a FBvian announced himself. Since we eventually moved inside, we didn’t witness any of the debauchery.

I blame the Mavs for preoccupying all the talent. Whatever. I’m expecting a boatload of foreigners Memorial Day weekend who will be attending an Anglo-Texan wedding, which, through the wonders of the World Wide Web, I’m officiating. My friend met a guy who’d only been in Dallas five weeks and barely spoke English. She married him in Paris two years ago. Get ’em while they’re vulnerable, I say. I’m still hopeful that I will one day witness someone hollering about FrontBurner and being single. It would be worth it even if it wasn’t a love connection.