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I missed this incredibly interesting item when it was originally published in the Financial Times on April 6, but the Int’l Newspaper Association sent out this summary:

In a survey by BBDO [the giant advertising agency] of 3,000 consumers in 15 countries on the topic of favorite communications devices, 45 percent said that if they were only able to keep one, they would choose their home computer. Some 31 percent selected mobile phones, while only 12 percent chose their televisions. BBDO asserted that the mobile phone will be the device of the future for advertising messages, but it presented special challenges. Consumers are not accustomed to or willing to be interrupted by commercial messages on their mobile devices.

My generation grew up on TV. The slow fading away of the metro newspaper I can understand, but for only 12 percent of respondents to show any attachment to TV is an astonishing cultural change. The media world is changing before our eyes–every day.