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We told you yesterday about local Ford dealers pulling $2.8 million in ads from Channel 8 to punish the station for an investigative report about “sudden acceleration” (more here). In light of that, read this story about Troy Aikman’s new Ford dealership. A sample of the hard-hitting coverage of Troy Aikman Ford:

Mr. Aikman … said he believes he can have an impact on the new-car business. He also said it is important to him to succeed in a business unrelated to football. It won’t be easy, Mr. Aikman said. But he’s a Ford Truck man, and he’s stacking them deep and selling them cheap, so come on out this Saturday and let Mr. Aikman put you behind the wheel of a brand-new F-150.

Okay, sorry. I made up that last sentence. But is it just me? It looks to me like the News just gave Troy Aikman Ford a free nice-nice ad to make good for Channel 8’s naughty investigative report. Naw, that couldn’t be it. Could it?