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Right now, the stragglers are trying their best to empty the kegs at the company-wide happy hour. It’s true. Here’s the email we received a couple of days ago:

All employees from People and D are invited to a “beer bust” party this Friday at 4 pm on the 2nd-floor balcony. We will have keggers, chips, and guacamole. Wick wants us all to unwind before he leaves for his flyfishing trip. Think serenity.

A good time was had by all, including our pregnant-with-triplets Associate Publisher Phyllis Cole Spence (don’t worry, people, she’s drinking O’Douls). But notice, there in the background, “Brian” is “talking” to the “ladies” about something no doubt “important.” Kudos to the photographer, Ashlie, for capturing such a “tender moment.”

Tune in Tuesday for an extra special photo. It’s a doozy.