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Remember the radio station that launched with an all-Beatles format? The Mighty 1190 has taken the next step. The full release:

DALLAS — (May 26, 2005) — After a pre-launch featuring thousands of Beatles songs, Mighty 1190 SM returns to its roots as North Texas’ top AM music station when it unveils “Rock & Roldies®” Friday at 3 p.m. Under its “Guess What’s Next?!SM” slogan, the station features local radio’s broadest and deepest mix of pop, rock, soul, disco, R&B, classic rock, and oldies.

Throughout the summer, Mighty 1190 will play Rock & Roldies nonstop, commercial free, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

“Mighty 1190 is a Texas-sized jukebox that features, we believe, the largest play list of any AM or FM station in the market,” said Ron Unkefer, chairman and chief executive officer of First Broadcasting, which operates the station. “We are going to make listening to the radio fun for adults again.”

Instead of a few hundred songs heard over and over again on most FM stations, Mighty 1190 will feature thousands of songs including the beginnings of Rock & Roll in the fifties and tons of hits from the sixties through eighties mixed with some of today’s current hits.

The eclectic music mix is designed to especially appeal to adults 35-64 years old, a large and highly desirable audience that has largely been neglected by the young-skewing music stations in North Texas. Mighty 1190 is being programmed and produced locally by First Broadcasting, with headquarters and broadcasting studios in the Dallas Arts District.

“Mighty 1190 is a Texas original and I’m proud to be able to return this great station to its former glory in my hometown,” said Unkefer.

The original Mighty 1190 came of age in the 1950s, featuring a mix of Top-40 hits, clever promotions, 24-hour news and high profile disc jockeys, a combination imitated throughout the country. It was the top-rated local radio station from the mid-fifties to the seventies and once had over a 50% share of the entire radio audience.