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You have to be a special kind of radio dork to care about what’s going on over on the beleaguered 990 AM. Nonetheless, an amplitude-modulating FrontBurnervian reports:

I hopped over to 990 Texas Talk Radio about 8:10 this morning during a commercial break on the Ticket and found myself listening to a discussion between the hosts and Harvey Kronberg of Quorum Report fame. They were talking about the Texas Legislature and various bills currently in play. Imagine my surprise when I heard Harvey mention a vote coming up in two weeks (the Lege ends next week), followed by a reference to the month of February. Huh?

I stayed with the station until a commercial break and heard a bumper that said “You’re listening to the best of the MainStreet Morning Show …” Beyond the oxymoron inherent in that comment, does this mean that more firings are imminent at KFCD-990? I’ve never heard of a morning drive time show going all clips like this on a non-holiday.

Hmmm, if the News only had a radio columnist.