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Here Are Three Ways to Experience Our Pick for Dallas’ Best Restaurant

Curious about our top pick for dining in Dallas? Purépecha offers three kinds of extraordinary meal.
Revolver Taco Lounge
Mushrooms are grilled yakitori-style and plated with a squash blossom on this vegetarian taco from the taco omakase menu at Purépecha. Elizabeth Lavin

For the second update in a row, our 50 Best Restaurants list is topped by Purépecha, a back-room tasting menu at Revolver Taco Lounge. Maybe the concept of a reservations-only tasting in a hidden room sounds daunting. But Purépecha is a wonderful, welcoming experience—and a recent format change means you now have more opportunities to try it.

Here are the three ways you can experience our choice of the best restaurant in Dallas, from most casual to most formal.

Lunch: Taco omakase

Chef-owner Regino Rojas experimented with this format years ago—before the pandemic—and now it’s back. Pop in for lunch and you’ll get a four-course tasting of different varieties of tacos with premium ingredients like Wagyu beef and seasonal vegetables. Many ingredients are grilled yakitori-style over Japanese binchotan charcoal. There’ll be a dessert taco, too. And the best ingredient of all is the tortilla; all of Revolver’s tortillas are made to order, with a rainbow’s worth of colors of heirloom corn.

$60 per person, lunch only, Thursday-Saturday. Reservations required.

Dinner: The smaller version

In evenings, the front room plays host to a four-course tasting menu of seasonal traditional dishes from Michoacán. It’s an abbreviated version of the back room’s tasting menu, and you won’t quite have the same intimacy as the back room, where much of the cooking takes place in front of you in a display kitchen. But the chairs are comfy, the atmosphere is still exactly what Rojas and his family want, and the cooking is equally precise and transportive.

$120 per person, dinner only, Thursday-Saturday. Reservations required.

Dinner: Go all in

The back room is still the most special dining experience in Dallas. Sitting at just one or two tables, the guests are invited into the Rojas family. Literally: Regino recently told me that he’s reached a point where everyone cooking in the Purépecha room is a family member. It’s a very personal experience, signaled by the name, which harkens back to the native culture of the family’s native Michoacán. At this dinner, you can expect six or seven courses of traditional dishes honored by top-notch ingredients and beautiful plating. There may be additional surprises on the plate or in the presentation, too. When I last visited, we were served a corunda tamal—a dish that represents the soul of the dead and is made to honor them—and, to show our own respect, guests ate the dish in the dark.

$180 per person, dinner only, Thursday-Saturday. Reservations required

One more note on reservations

You can email the restaurant to inquire about reservations, or simply make a booking on Resy. Note that the tasting menus are offered at specific times, so you’ll need to commit to a predetermined time slot. Resy also uses abbreviations to note the different experiences: $120 FR 4CRS for the front room, $180 Kitch 7CRS for the full back room menu.

Remember, too, that Purépecha’s more casual around-the-corner neighbor, Revolver Gastro Cantina, is also in our 10 Best. And it doesn’t take reservations at all. Get the birria won tons.

Purépecha at Revolver Taco Lounge, 2701 Main St., Ste. 120


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