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Yuengling Beer Officially Hits North Texas Shelves and Taps

From Pottsville, Pennsylvania to Fort Worth, Texas: Yuengling’s expansion into the Lone Star state is the company’s first step outside of its East Coast-dominant footprint.
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You may have seen Yuengling spring up at your local watering holes—Katy Trail Ice House, Twin Peaks, to name two. (You barflies are the lucky ones to get those first sips of crisp draft pours, aren’t you?) Well, with a cattle drive parade through Fort Worth’s Stockyards on August 23, it’s now officially official. You can find Yuengling beer at thousands of Dallas-Fort Worth stores, restaurants, and bars.

The arrival of Yuengling (pronounced ying-ling) is no small feat. Texas is the first state outside of Yuengling’s reach outside beyond its current 22-state East Coast footprint to have this Pottsville, Pennsylvania beer. In fact, Texas is larger than all eight of the latest places Yuengling has recently expanded into, says Sheryl Yuengling, one of the four sixth-generation Yuengling sisters running the beer company with their father today. Indeed, this major expansion couldn’t happen without the cooperation of two breweries. The Yuengling Company is the joint venture between the 192-year-old D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. and Fort Worth’s Molson Coors Beverage Company, a partnership 15 years in the making. A partnership that’s much to the open arms of Yuengling fans in Texas, transplants and natives alike.

Sheryl says she knows people have been waiting a long time for this moment. Her response: “Come and get it. We’re here.”

Yuengling’s sudsy portfolio clocks in at a dozen brews, and four of those have come to the Texas market: Yuengling Lager, the brewery’s flagship beer, plus Light Lager, Golden Pilsner, and Flight, its low-carb beer.

“Texas is a great beer state,” says Sheryl, and yet she knows folks would “drive to Louisiana and ‘smuggle’ it over.” Hey, there has been nary a booze and beer movement without some surreptitious drinking.

Whether a longtime Yuengling-head or curious about its iconic lager, Sheryl says “the beer speaks for itself.” You’ll just have to give it a taste.

To that end, use the Find Our Beer section of Yuengling’s website to locate some lager (more locations will populate as retailers update inventories). If you haven’t yet found Yuengling somewhere near you, fans can be on the lookout for Yuengling’s ‘Bring the Goods’ Texas mobile sampling activation. (Your best bet is to follow on Instagram.)

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