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Face Your Fears, They Said. Make a Video, They Said.

If not during a pandemic, then when?
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Rustic Plum Crostata featured on the cover of D Magazine's new cookbook, Hand Made. Elizabeth Lavin

My pandemic project wasn’t to clean my house or get in shape. It was kind of the opposite. I wrote a cookbook, which means every drawer pull in my kitchen is still sticky and I gained a fair amount of weight.

In the process, I also decided to see just how much grey hair was hidden under 23 years of hair dye, and to wear shoes as little as possible, mostly just to play tennis and make runs to the grocery store. I also decided that, instead of wasting money on fancy makeup, I’d work my way through all those half-used compacts at the bottom of my vanity drawer.

So it was with a great deal of humility — and fear — that I acquiesced to have the hip, young members of our multimedia team get me on camera to produce a series of videos. This is the first one. There will be more to follow — hopefully with less of me and with more cooking demonstrations.

I’d love to try out more recipes, too — not just ones from the cookbook — so if there’s anything you’d like to learn how to cook or an ingredient you’re not sure what to do with, please post in the comments below. And if you haven’t already, order your copy of the cookbook here.


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