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A Game That Does Good: Play Dallas Restaurant Shelter-in-Place Bingo

Because we all need a dose of distraction that simultaneously does some good.
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Let's play. iStock / Veronika Ryabova

Dallas Restaurant Shelter-In-Place Bingo is a fun game that anyone can play, plus it helps our resilient dining scene weather this storm. Order delivery? That’s a dab. Get a gift card? Another dab. And hey, when this is all over, the lessons this bingo card teaches are applicable to post-pandemic life, too. It’s never a bad time to smile at your server and write a nice Yelp review.

You know the drill: Five squares in a row and you win. Free space is “Wash Your Hands” because wash your hands. Get those paint dabbers ready…

Ready your paint dabbers!

Print or save the image above. Take a screenshot with your phone. Play! And have fun. Put your photo evidence in the comments.

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