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The Double Wide Bar Is Boarded Up, But Its Sense of Humor Remains

Have a good laugh and an offbeat drink idea. Just make sure you stay home.
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Bret Redman

The Double Wide is here to offer some brief reprieve from all things coronavirus. While staying healthy, indoors, and informed are all good things to do right now, sometimes you just want to watch someone like bartender Ryan Sumner make a drink over today’s virtual reality. The Double Wide bartender crafts a Yoohoo Yeehaw made with the chocolatey beverage and Grey Goose vodka. Yum? (You don’t have to drink it, just enjoy the artistry!)

The outer Deep Ellum bar had been hosting live-streamed content in lieu of, uh, zero patrons allowed inside per city and county mandates.

Per FrontRow editor Natalie Gempel’s story last week:

“For musicians, dancers, DJs, workout instructors, thespians, photographers, and many others, the need for social distancing has brought their careers to a grinding halt. …That kills most public events. But Ward and Double Wide’s Joel Stephenson are hoping to start turning the gears again.”

You can watch the content they’ve put up online via its QuaranTV YouTube channel. Recently, however, to adhere to the even more strict shelter in place order, the Double Wide had to closed its doors entirely. No shows. No recipe videos. Its owner, Kim Finch, posted a picture to Facebook of the bar boarded up with plywood. She urged us all to stay inside. “Us small businesses can’t open until this is under control,” she wrote. “Sorry you’re bored, but others’ lives and livelihoods depend on everyone being smart and respectful to others.”

Remember better days through the video below—when bartenders could still record videos in their place of business—but keep in mind that the Double Wide, and all of the restaurants and bars across Dallas and beyond just like it, have shuttered and sacrificed their livelihoods in hopes that the virus’ spread ceases.

In short: Stay home and watch a funny vid. Make a Yoohoo Yehaw.

You can donate to Disco, TX which produces QuaranTV to ensure the virtual hospitality can continue in some form somewhere from the good folks of the Double Wide and more.

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