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Dallas Chefs Tell You What Sandwiches to Eat for National Sandwich Day

You’re welcome.

Yesterday was National Sandwich Day. Rejoice! From Vietnamese banh mi to multi-layered behemoths in the Italian-American style or Cuban-inspired jobs, we asked your favorite Dallas chefs to tell us what to eat today—and tomorrow and the next day. Stands to reason: a sandwich may be a chef’s best friend.

Shannon Wynne (restaurateur, Meddlesome Moth)
Sandwich: Club Sandwich
Where: Bowen House
Ingredients: Green-leaf lettuce, tomato, the house “secret” mayo, and layers of Jarlsberg cheese, pepper-seasoned turkey, honey ham, crisp bacon, and house-made wavy chips on brioche.
Reason why: “It’s cut on the diagonal, with the crust still on it. The mayo is sweet, like Miracle Whip. The chips add a nice crunch. Served in a bar atmosphere. Can’t beat its deliciousness.”

Brian Luscher (restaurateur, Luscher’s Red Hots)
Sandwich: The Italian
Where: New York Sub
Ingredients: Slices of Deitz & Watson pepperoni, imported Italian hard salami, imported Italian capicola with Wisconsin F&A Farms provolone cheeses, loaded with fresh shredded lettuce, thin-sliced red onion, Roma tomato, and Italian oregano.
Reason why: “It’s all quality cold cuts [and] cheese. They’ve got this great bread that’s open-face. The edges of the salami and cheese get crispy and melty. It’s got all the textural elements that you want. [Plus,] I can’t say enough good things about the owners.”

Peter Barlow (chef, Fauna and Niteshade Chef Collaborative)
Sandwich: Custom-built sandwich
Where: Jimmy’s
Ingredients: A creation of prosciutto, salami, pepperoncinis, Swiss cheese and olives on the house-baked white sub loaves
Reason why: “It’s one of the few places where they have a plethora of ingredients to choose from that they’ll add to a sandwich.”

Reyna Duong (chef/owner, Sandwich Hag)
Sandwich: Brisket Pastrami
Where: New York Sub
Ingredients: Layers of brisket pastrami, sliced pickles, spicy mustard, dried oregano, and the house oil-and-vinegar sauce on your choice of bread.
Reason why: “It’s balanced in bread-to-meat ratio, well seasoned, and flavorful, slightly smoky. It’s delicious. They’re also great people.”

Sarah Green (pastry chef, Bisous Bisous)
Sandwich: Ginger Chicken Bahn Mi with a fried egg
Where: Sandwich Hag
Ingredients: Vietnamese French baguette, slathered with house-made garlic aioli, thinly sliced jalapeños, cucumber, house-pickled radish and carrots, cilantro, and grilled ginger-marinated chicken.
Reason why: “It’s always prepared fresh, the chicken is always cooked to order. The pickled veggies are always fresh and crunchy. It’s a big sandwich, too, so it’s also a great value.”

Diane and Justin Fourton (owners, Pecan Lodge)
Sandwich: The Cuban
Where: Jimmy’s
Ingredients: Toasted 6” bun with slices of roasted pork, ham, and Swiss cheese, accented with pickles and mojo sauce.
Reason why (Diane speaking for both of them): “I consider it to be Dallas’ ‘Best in Class,’ consistently.”

Tida Pichakron (pastry chef, Haute Sweets Patisserie)
Sandwich: Thit Nuong Sa (lemongrass pork) Bahn Mi
Where: Sandwich Hag
Ingredients: Vietnamese French baguette with pickled radish and carrots, house-made garlic aioli, cucumber, jalapeños, cilantro, and lemongrass-marinated pork.
Reason why: “It’s unbelievably flavorful. Chef Reyna [Duong] doesn’t skimp on any of the ingredients. It is worth every penny.”

Shad Kvetko (co-owner, Las Almas Rotas)
Sandwich: Italian Stallion
Where: Jimmy’s
Ingredients: Class Italian sub filled with mortadella, capicola, sopressata, pepperoni, porchetta, coppa, prosciutto, and mozzarella and provolone cheeses.
Reason why: “The quality of ingredients, flavor, and sheer size of the full 12-inch sandwich make it unbelievable.”

Nick Badovinus (restaurateur, FlavorHook Group)
Sandwich: Brisket in Coconut Curry Banh Mi
Where: Banh Mi Station
Ingredients: Toasted baguette layered with house-pickled carrots and daikon, cucumbers, cilantro, coconut curry brisket, add avocado.
Reason why: “Super easy to grab quick, and it travels well. A sandwich needs to be pulled out of the fridge or cooler to make my best list!”

Justin Holt (co-owner/chef, Salaryman)
Sandwich: The Cubano
Where: The Bodega at Hi-Line
Ingredients: Slices of roasted pork, ham, and Swiss cheese accented with pickles and Dijon mustard on a bolilo roll. Comes with chips or hand-cut Idaho russet fries.
Reason why: “I’ll take anything from the Bodega at Hi-Line; they are exceptional.”

Josh Harmon (co-owner/chef, Butler’s Cabinet and chef at upcoming Belmont)
Sandwich: Fried Chicken Strip Sandwich
Where: Mike’s Chicken
Ingredients: Two soft buns, layered with spicy, crisp, breaded chicken, cabbage slaw, pickles, add cheese.
Reason why: “I think they have some of the best fried chicken in the state of Texas. I get it with extra buttery Texas Toast.”

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