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Here’s Where to Score Dairy-Free Ice Cream in Dallas

Just in time for National Ice Cream Day.
By Mary Grace Metheny |

Living with a dietary restriction can be tough. What makes it worse, though, is the endless supply of food-related holidays that seem to grace Instagram each month (Pie Day, Cookie Day, National Fried Chicken Day, etc.). This Sunday, it’s National Ice Cream Day.

Cue the FOMO for dairy-free people. But no more! We’ve found plenty of dairy-free and vegan ice cream shops, so that you can have your dessert and ‘gram it too.

Here’s where to score dairy-free ice cream in Dallas.

Melt Ice Creams
Melt Ice Creams’ new location in Bishop Arts carries both dairy-free and regular ice cream. Their Velvet Vegan (chocolate), made with coconut milk, stays on their menu year long. Other flavors, like this month’s dairy-free coconut cashew and tropical berry, rotate throughout the season.

This Miami and Dallas shop, which is also located in Bishop Arts  boasts a wide range of dairy-free flavors like cookie butter, passionfruit, frosé (raspberry rosé) and cantaloupe sorbet. Flavors rotate daily, so make sure to call ahead and see what they have in store.

Cauldron Ice Cream
While their signature “puffle cone” isn’t dairy free, the Instagram-trending, LA based dessert spot carries dairy-free flavors. Right now, they’re carrying Pineapple Express and mango, but flavors rotate often.

Botolino Gelato Artigianale
Take your trendy, dairy-free, health-conscious self to Lower Greenville and try Botolino’s dairy-free flavors. Some are water based (strawberry, lemon mint, dark chocolate, and passionfruit sorbetto), but their PB&J Sandwich flavor has a soy base.

This summer, the Highland Park coffee bar and ice cream shop hybrid is carrying exotic, dairy-free options like piña colada, mango curry, and prickly pear jalepeño.

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