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Las Almas Rotas to Transform the Belmont Hotel Pool Into a Summer Oasis

The 1970s Puerto Vallarta-themed takeover will last through the summer.
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Expo Park mezcaleria Las Almas Rotas is taking over the pool at the Belmont Hotel this summer. The vibe, according to bar co-owner Taylor Samuels, is “1970s Puerto Vallarta.”

Think palms, and hammocks, frozen cocktails and fruit salads, glistening oil-lathered bods in cute swimsuits with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton longingly gazing into each other’s eyes. OK, maybe not that last part.

The takeover commences Memorial Day weekend and will run until Labor Day. That’s May 27 to September 2.

Jordan Ford, who owns The Belmont Hotel is attempting to make the space more relevant.

Samuels approached Ford a few months ago about having Las Almas Rotas commandeer the pool for the summer. “I didn’t just want to do a pop-up for a weekend,” he says. The bar owner envisioned building some infrastructure, rather than hosting a one-and-done event. They’re putting in hammocks and new equipment to serve food by the pool. Maybe a cabana or two.

“We’re using the kitchen at Las Almas as a commissary,” he says. There, staff will prepare and then package all of the food that’s available poolside. All items are served chilled. They’re also bringing on some local chefs to create dishes. They’re still working on a menu, but Samuels has some names of the people involved.

“I’ve got Anastacia Quinones [from José], I’ve got Regino Rojas from Revolver Taco, and I’m talking to a few other folks about sponsoring a dish. And by sponsor I mean they design it and we teach our staff how to build it.”

As for the drinks: expect agave-focused cocktails, with a limited, yet full, bar. Also, there will be frozen drinks. Which seems like a no duh! Those, too, are still being determined.

Programming for the pool will vary depending on the day. Monday is service industry day. Tuesday is nothing (get over it, OK). Wednesday is family day. Thursday is adult swim, which Samuels would like to stress is not a swingers party, rather, an adult-only day. Friday is a party. Saturday is an even more high-energy party. And Sunday is chill, with chill music, and chill vibes.

Overall, this sounds like an enjoyable summertime pool experience. You can bet your 🍑 you’ll find me and my glistening bod here, lounging in a hammock with a frozen margarita in hand. See you then.

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