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There’s a Two-Foot Long Chicken Strip at Globe Life Park in Arlington

Where the heck do you find a bird that big?
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If you Google “world’s biggest chicken,” your screen will load with stories, photos, and videos of an enormous rooster from Kosovo. The feathery bird is a Brahma chicken, one of the largest breeds out there, who weighs 16.5 pounds and stands nearly three feet tall. As is pointed out in many of the stories, that’s the height of a small child. (Also, a mini fridge, three foot-long subs stacked longways, and half of Benedict Cumberbatch.)

Once getting past the initial shock of how ginormous this guy is, my mind wandered. First: I decided that I love him, and I want him to live a long and happy rooster life. Second: I wondered how much meat is buried beneath his magnificent plume. Third: I felt bad for wondering this. Fourth: I felt bad for feeling bad because chicken is one the most common types of poultry used for consumption on the planet. Fifth: I decided that this is not an opportune time to have an internal debate on the ethics of eating birds.

Moving on.

Why was I Googling “world’s biggest chicken”? An hour or so earlier, I had seen this Tweet from D Magazine editor Tim Rogers, which led me to this story by Evan Grant about a two-pound chicken strip that’s available at Globe Life Park in Arlington. Did a chicken large enough to supply two-pounds of breast meat even exist?  (I really, really wanted to discover that there’s a farm, located off a dirt road near Ding Dong, Texas or someplace, which is breeding colossal chicks. This, however, is not the case.)

A quick phone conversations with Delaware North’s general manager Casey Rapp cleared things up.

“We’re using about four to five chicken breasts to put it together,” says Rapp. “Basically we roll it out, and then once we put it together, we bake it and get the pieces to adhere to each other. Then we roll it in the batter a finish it off by frying it.”

The strip, which is called The Fowl Pole, is part of the new, gimmicky, over-the-top Texas Rangers concessions. It’s battered, fried, and served with waffle fries and honey mustard and ranch dressing for dipping. It costs $27.50.

“I mean it is a lot, don’t get me wrong, but it’s really meant for four people to eat,” he says. It takes a crew of four people to assemble the snack. Er, meal? I don’t know. They’ve also created a special fryer for the strips, which fits four to six at a time.

Other new Globe Life items include Right Field Bacon Bombs, which are giant hunks of provolone cheese that are bacon-wrapped and deep fried; fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; and The Red White and Blue Dog, a hotdog topped with colored Best Maid Pickles relish.

But it’s The Fowl Pole that has us saying what the actual cluck!

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