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The Localist: Rude Girl Treats’ CBD-Infused Chocolate

For those seeking a relaxing sweet.

By now, you’ve surely heard of CBD. If not, click here and learn. The cannabidiol oil can be found in everything from muffins to lip balm. It’s become so commonplace, in fact, that D Magazine did a roundup of CBD products last November.

As with most trends, once the fashionable floodgates open, it’s sink or swim for those who set out to distinguish themselves. (Forgive this bummer of a metaphor. I’ve been testing out the product I’m about to tell you about.)

Enter Rude Girl Treats. Ande McNamara, the woman behind the brand, has been making her CBD-infused chocolates for nearly 18 months. And they’re really quite good.

“For about a year, I had just been making them for myself,” she says. “Then friends with various issues would ask me about them, and I’d be like, ‘I’ll give you some of my next batch. See what you think.’ Then before I knew it, I had people calling me asking me to sell it to them.”

She bought a small, chocolate tempering machine from chocolatier and pal Katy Priore, who used to run Bark Chocolate before giving up cocoa for corporate life, according to McNamara.

Rude Girl Treats can be found at Roots Juices locations. McNamara prepares her CBD-infused chocolates out of the juice company’s commercial kitchen in Lakewood. She’s currently only making 72 percent dark chocolate topped with things like orange peel, rainbow sprinkles, and her personal favorite, popping candy (think Pop Rocks).

One piece of candy contains 10mg of cannabidiol oil. McNamara says that this is a good amount if you’re new to CBD products. She also suggests sucking the chocolates and not chewing them, to feel the effects sooner. So, what are the effects? Supposedly the oil can help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and pacify anxiety. (It also helps you write really stupid metaphors about floodgates.)

McNamara, who suffers from ulcerative colitis, swears that CBD oil has played a positive role in managing her discomfort. “In situations where I was really in pain, I found that I could get immediate relief,” she says.

Rude Girl Treats can be found online and at Roots Juices, but McNamara plans to expand her brand. “I’ve gone to a couple of stores, and they’re taking my products into their weekly meetings,” she says. “I don’t want to go so quickly that I’m overwhelmed, but I’d like to take on a couple more stores at this point.”

Cool, cool.

Curious about CBD products? Love chocolate? Want to write a blog post chockablock with bad metaphors? Or better yet, a blog post that uses the word “chockablock”? Then head to Roots Juices and grab a bag of Rude Girl Treats.

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