These Dallas-Fort Worth Restaurants Are Giving a Discount to Voters

All you have to do is proudly display your sticker.

Restaurateur Shannon Wynne wants you to vote. Dine at any of his concepts, wearing your “I Voted” sticker during early voting from October 22 to November 2 or on the November 6 Election Day, and you will get a 10 percent discount. (The offer excludes alcohol.)

“I’ve heard many times that Texas ranked near the bottom, if not the bottom, for voter turnout,” says Wynne. (Ed. Note: And Dallas as a city is even worse.) “I think in a state that has the diversity that we do, that it’s important to do a fun thing to incentivize people, where they can have fun and get together to proudly display their voting stickers, and participate in the process. Too many people in our lives growing up would say, ‘well, my vote doesn’t count,’ and as a voting bloc, the youth of Dallas, and Texas, has to participate and lift us out of that stigma of being a non-participatory state.”

Voting is fun. Wearing a sticker is fun. And getting a discount on food is fun. This is a clear win for everybody. Not sure where and how to vote? Click here.

Also, if you own a business and are giving discounts to voters, please email your information here. We’ll add you to this post.

Here is a list of Wynne’s participating restaurants. (If you end up at Meddlesome Moth, get the burger.)

Update: If you share a selfie while wearing your sticker and standing in front of one of Wynne’s restaurant signs, they’ll raise the comp to 20 percent.

Meddlesome Moth
Mudhen Meat and Greens
Flying Saucer
Rodeo Goat
Flying Fish

Other participating restaurant:

Billy Can Can is giving a 10 percent discount (excluding alcohol) to people who show up in their “I Voted” sticker during early voting (October 22 until November 2) and on Election Day.

Fiction Coffee is giving a 15 percent discount to voters who show their sticker.

Eddie’s Diner in Plano is offering 10 percent to people who show their sticker until November 2.