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Zavala’s Barbecue is Going Brick-And-Mortar

The fatty brisket finds a permanent home.
By Daniel Walker |

When we last reported on the happenings of Zavala’s Barbecue, we related a fresh new face in Grand Prairie, smoking hard and slicing up some seriously excellent brisket. They were only beginning to make a name for themselves, doing the “pop-up” thing at a local Grand Prairie coffee shop on Saturdays. But we knew then that Zavala’s was a force to be reckoned with.

Their following grew and so did the lines for barbecue. The crew has been selling out every weekend, often in a matter of a few hours. This is Texas, however, so this comes as no surprise. We do tend to take these things very seriously. But Zavala’s impressive meat-skills have forced them to consider bigger and better digs.

And so, the team will be going brick-and-mortar in the early part of 2019. They acquired the property at 421 W. Main St in Grand Prairie. The barbecue gods are smiling down upon us.

Owner Joe Zavala hopes to be open by January if construction and permits go according to plan. They’ll be continuing their Saturday-only operation initially, but he plans to do a few Friday events on occasion. They’re also acquiring another 1,000-gallon smoker—making two total.

They’re still operating at their usual coffee shop locale for the time being (The Brass Bean: 123 W. Main St., Grand Prairie), so you can catch them this weekend if you so desire. You really owe it to yourself. You’ll not regret a single bite of the fatty brisket, especially when lovingly wrapped around a fresh flour tortilla with house-made salsa and barbecue sauce.

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