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The Localist: Texas Wildflower Vodka

These bright and playful spirits amuse.
By Melissa Tate |

Dallas born and raised brother and sister team, Mike DeMarco and Jennifer Herskind, created Texas Wildflower Vodka. With Jennifer’s history in brand marketing and Mike’s experience in the beverage industry, they combined forces to create a product they believed was missing from the vodka aisle. “We created the branding with Greenlight, a local agency. We knew we wanted the brand to have soul and feel more like a lifestyle than something you just pick up before a party. It was important to us that the bottle be beautiful and something people would want to keep,” they explain.

In an age where social media rules the advertising world, it was a smart concept. The bottle itself is a keepsake making it “Instagram worthy” and a perfect gift idea. There are currently three flavors of Texas Wildflower Vodka: Craft which is your prime vodka, Pink Lemonade made with real raspberries, and Blood Orange made with blood orange and clementine juices. Vodka is always a crowd pleaser no matter your age or gender but I will say, I served all three flavors at an event I hosted last week, and the ladies loved it. The flavors are classic while the colors and presentation bring in the cool vibe. All three pair well with Topo Chico and fresh citrus which is a simple way to please a crowd.

The essence makes it effortless because they do not require complex mixers and explanations. These are definitely summer vodkas but I am excited to mix the Blood Orange with cinnamon and cloves when the cooler weather rolls around. You can find TWV at all Dallas Sigel’s and Total Wine stores. They are reasonably priced at about $20 per bottle. You can also try them out at several bars and restaurants around town. If you don’t see it, make sure you ask them to order some. To find out more about Texas Wildflower Vodka and see some of their favorite cocktail recipes, visit their website.

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