Our Favorite Dallas Food Instagram Posts from the Week

Because it's fun to see what other people are eating.

One of the best ways to scope out hot new restaurants and food trends in Dallas is by following area eaters, chefs, and food snobs on Instagram. We’re going to feature a handful of local ‘gramers each week on SideDish. Because it’s fun to see what other people are eating.

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Okay Austin, I have some good news 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I had @malibupoke over the weekend in Dallas and instantly became obsessed. And then found out they’re working on an Austin location in Seaholm set to open in the fall- *cue screams*! This was absolutely delicious and I loved everything about the meal 🐟🥢 For starters they have these super dope kiosk systems that you place your order with. From there you can select pre made bowls or build your own. One of the options for a base was cauliflower rice which I, of course, was obsessed with 😍 topped with sashimi grade tuna, and an array fresh toppings, this is a WIN for Austin and of course you gotta visit the OG in Dallas 🙌🏼 How do y’all feel about poke? I love tuna so freaking much! . . . . . #eattheworld #topdallasrestaurants #eatingatx #america #foodblogger #dallastexas #eaterdallas #dallas #365thingsdallas #july4th #austinfoodie #myfab5 #eater #EEEEEATS #yougottaeatthis #eatfamous #foodstagram #eats #igfood #goodeats #foodphotography #buzzfeedfood #huffposttaste #tastespotting #dallaseats #dallasphotography #austinfoodblogger #dallasfoodie #dallastx

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Plant Paradox ultimate meal prep 😀 – I needed the widest angle lens I own to get this into frame and it doesn’t even include everything. All this plus some more is part of a weekly #plantparadox menu I’m working on: Almost Italian meatballs (recipe on the blog), red and white cabbage salad, blanched and chopped Swiss chard (to be used for omelettes), marinated red onions, walnut bread, tarragon, celery and dry unsweetened cranberries chicken salad (recipe on the blog), purple and orange sweet potato salad with tarragon and olives (recipe on the blog), lemon blueberry muffins (on the blog), oven roasted Brussels sprouts, Turmeric root vegetables purée, almond flax crackers with Zaatar spices (on the blog), steamed broccoli, oven roasted chicken breast with rosemary and lemon, cauliflower and artichoke hummus (on the blog) and cauliflower fried rice. 🤪 And not counting the avocados, the arugula, the romaine lettuce boats, and dressings. I really wanted to exemplify the variety of a typical PP weekly menu – that is not restrictive at all when you look at it. There are so many healthy ingredients that we can eat and play with that I don’t even have time to think of what’s not allowed. I’m thinking of a way to publish this menu on the website, do you have any ideas or suggestions? Some specific info you want me to include? #theplantparadox #lectinfree #lectinfreemealplan #guthealth #antiinflammatorydiet #weightlossinspiration #healthyfoodshare #foodismedicine #eathealthy #healthyfoodie #dallasfoodie #texasfoodie #healthyfood #eattherainbow #sugarfree #grainfree #healthyfoodshare #healthymealplan #wholefoods #eatrealfood #plasticfree

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Breakfast / lunch: 2 eggs, blanched Swiss chard, leek, extra virgin olive oil, a touch of Parmigiano, romaine lettuce, olives. I think having blanched Swiss chard, chopped and ready to add to meals, in the fridge, is one of the best ideas ever. You can do a bunch of it in advance, and just take out and add to omelettes, scrambled, quiches, frittatas, salads, etc. One cup of chopped Swiss chard has 35 calories, and provides more than 300% of the DV of Vitamin K. Also source of A and C, magnesium, potassium, iron and dietary fiber. Also rich in Oxalates, if that’s something you are avoiding. All in all, a tasty, easy and nutritious meal. If you saw my stories, my hands were really swollen this morning, and a few feedbacks I got from some of you I realized it might be a combination between getting my period, messing up with my magnesium and potassium intake (skipped for few days because ran out of it, and also messed with the timings of taking them), and didn’t drink enough water. So this morning I drank already a lot of water, some with Himalayan pink salt, took my magnesium and potassium, took my vital Reds, and I’m starting to feel a return to normal. Thanks everyone who tried to figures this out with me, I love how helpful we are to each other 🙏🤗💙 #plantparadox #theplantparadox #thenewhealthy #lectinfree #lectinfreediet #lectinfreerecipes #guthealth #antiinflammatorydiet #weightlossinspiration #healthyfoodshare #foodismedicine #texasfoodie #dallasfoodie #healthyfoodie #swisschard #leek #healthybreakfast #healthyeating #eatrealfood #healthyfats

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