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Tim Byres to Open Tight Quarters in Legacy Hall

The James Beard Award-winning chef is whipping up health food.
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Chef Tim Byres (of Smoke and Chicken Scratch) will soon dish out health food at Legacy Hall in Plano.

According to the release:

The first floor of the European-style food hall will soon be home to Tight Quarters—the first of its kind. This labor of love from award-winning Chef Tim Byres will offer a variety of natural, whole and unprocessed food that is full of attitude and style.

Tight Quarters will be a small, no frills, rock n’ roll way of better living. At Tight Quarters guests won’t have to compromise between a flavorful, filling meal and a nutritious experience. The power bowls at Tight Quarters will be bursting with flavor and natural ingredients that will have both attitude and style. These bowls will not only be the better choice, they will be your first choice.

“After spending 25 years in a level-ten stress environment—the restaurant industry—I started to look for ways to add balance to my life,” says Byres. “I believe that finding balance is something that a lot of people desire, so I wanted to offer a fast, easy and wholesome dining experience that would allow guests to find equilibrium between a busy life and a better-for-you life.”

Tight Quarters opens on June 25 and will be located on the first floor of Legacy Hall between Bravazo Peruvian Rotisserie and Blist’r Naan Wraps.

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